Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Let's Water Each Other With Love

So I was told recently that water is liquid love ... and as I was watering some tiny seeds this morning I pondered on the fact that within hours of being kissed by liquid love they burst in to life ... all the prana/chi stored within is activated, egging the little seed on to reach its highest potential. The new plant is most vibrant and full of energy between days 3 - 5 of the new relationship. If the new plant, that was happy to lie as a dormant seed, now gets no water the plant dies and the seed is wasted along with all that could have been. Hmmm ... all sounds a bit familiar doesn't it ... so I'm blowing kisses of love to all of you hoping you reach your highest heights ... Love is the water of the seeds that lie within us and the key to human potential. I also began to ponder on the fact that water holds the memory of what's in it's current energy field (check out Dr. Masaru Emoto's wonderful work) ... it is programmed to give out what it recieves ... hmmm again like love ... the way we love others is often a direct result of the way we have been loved ourselves. To be able to love purely without condition we must be careful of what we allow to reach our own love sphere. Negative or conditional relationships that come under the label "love" are not true representations of that most highest quality the universe has to offer. It is okay to only accept loving that allows your loving to be the best it can be ... anything else is like allowing yourself to be watered daily with dirty water. Ugh ... not for me ... and not for you either. So what will you be ... a rose, a sunflower, an oak or some wonderous new variety never seen before. Give love with consciousness and awareness, recieve love with consciousness and awareness, water your plants with consciousness and awareness, drink water with consciousness and awareness, dance in the rain and paddle in the sea with consciousness and awareness. May we all grow together in love.

The Dreadess xx