Thursday, 17 November 2011

Real Girl Power

Two articles got brought to my attention this week. The first was about the sexualisation of young girls. It is well worth a read.

In an age that has gone crazy with visualising a paedophile around every corner and telling our children they aren't safe to play out I can't quite believe that there are parents who think that high heels and red lipstick for littlies is okay. Sadly though I've seen it with my own eyes I can't tell you how uncomfortable it makes me. In my mind it verges on the criminal. On the one hand we are paranoid that someone might kidnap our young children for perverted pleasures long before the age of consent and on the other hand we think it's okay to dress them up like women over the age of consent or worse like little hookers. As a society we are giving girls such wrong and mixed messages about how to be. Girl power is not about flaunting sexuality but something so much deeper. Sure it's about owning it and knowing it, but not this. Owning and knowing your sexuality is not the same as needing to be sexy to be accepted and desirable. Stop brainwashing girls from a very young age that looking like this is the only way to go in this world.

We should be teaching our young teenage girls about their bodies and hormonal cycles, how to be naturally healthy via nutrition and exercise and how to have liberated but safe sex. We should be empowering them to own their sexuality not give it away. We should give them a loving world that accepts different body shapes and sizes, one that encourages them to find their own unique look and walk forward as confident young women. We should not be grooming them from tiny to be sexually acceptable objects.

The other article that go me thinking was about the HPV vaccine. Every time I hear or read something like this it deeply saddens me. I wish people would wake up to the fact that whilst there are thousands of people in this world dedicated to saving lives with their research, there are also hundreds of pharmaceutical companies just seeing pound and dollar signs before their eyes rubbing their hands in glee. Greed under the guise of saving lives is despicable. Young developing bodies need extra care and nutrition, not to be hit with vaccines that have not been properly researched. Anyway the upshot is, regardless of your view of vaccinations, parents and young women should be given all the information so they can make the right choices for themselves individually about this, without being pressurized by Big Pharma.

The Dreadess xx

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