Saturday, 31 December 2011

Goodbye 2011, It Was Lovely To Meet You

I have to say that 2011 and I have had the best of times. Not to say that we haven't had our moments, we have. At times we have seriously fallen out, but those times, if I'm honest were due to the fact that I didn't like what 2011 was trying to teach me and I blatantly tried to swim against the flow and failed, returning humbly to listen once again. But all in all it's been great ...

I have truly kicked up my heels this year. I have danced under the moonlight, in the blazing sun, around a roaring fire, with friends, alone, to the sound of drums, in the solitude of silence, barefoot and in high heels. I have discovered BioDanza and contact dance, I have joined in with ecstatic dance, 5-rythyms and tribal belly dance. I have journeyed to the Otherworld whilst dancing and reconnected with my ancient heritage. But most of all I have deepened my connection to the Goddess through dance. I've let the dance of life in more and more, allowing the energy of the pulsing Earth Mother drive the beat through my body and Sister Moon drive the rhythms of my cycles and seasons. Thank you for the gift of dance.

I have eaten gloriously this year. I have potlucked, cooked one pot and many pots, food shared in community, eaten indulgently alone at cafes and most of all tried lots of new things. I have received the most wonderful allotment offerings and kitchen experiments from dear friends. I have swapped raw goodies and chocolate triumphs. I have discovered more of what my body does not like and paid the price when I ignore the glaring evidence. I am so inspired right now to continue my journey into radiant health through more raw, more juicing, more green smoothies and more superfood feasting. Thank you for the gift of food.

I have found new depth to my voice this year. I have chanted in heart warming circles of love and devotion. I have repeated my mantras in solitude, finding places of peace and bliss within and without. I have sung with friends at kirtan and around the open fire. It has been a joyous journey that has brought me more confidence, open hearted connection with others and new ways of self expression. Thank you for the gift of voice.

I have been to many gatherings, festivals and workshops this year and witnessed the growing heart of humanity. I've seen the new ways people are caring for our planet and been inspired by their ingenuity. I have breathed in so many sights and smells. I've heard so much music and and so many wonderful sounds. I have walked bare foot in woodland, through the grass, over heath and even bog loving the earth and being loved back. I have created many sacred spaces for others to enjoy and enjoyed those that others have created. I've learned more than I can say from the wisest of teachers and the dearest of friends. Thank you for all these gifts.

I've had many lessons this year. Some painful and some glorious. I've grown in ways I never dreamed possible and I've let go of baggage I never knew I was carrying. I've experienced the incredible synchronicity of life in comic proportions and learned to accept that the flow is bigger than me. I've laid on the back of a sleeping dragon, fought a Minotaur in a labyrinth, slayed a few personal demons, talked to tree spirits and had fairies sit on my finger tips and touch my cheeks. I've visited many sacred buildings, places and stone circles, where the energy is tangible and the Otherworld is but a step away. I've found courage when I needed it the most and faced a few more home truths and weaknesses head on. Thank you for all these things.

And last but not least at all, in fact the most important, because they are woven through the fabric of my life and all other gifts like a glittering, precious thread. My friends. Where to begin in extolling their virtues. They have loved me, hugged me, danced with me, fed me, believed in me, been mirrors for me in facing myself, been honest with me, put up with me at my worst, held me at my lowest ebb and shared the joy of my giddyest moments. They have shown me their divinity and their humanity. They have inspired me to be a better person by their own endeavours and taught me to be a better friend by their being so to me. I have been made welcome into the homes, arms and hearts of many new friends this year, and sadly parted from some, accepting the journey as it is and the separate paths we follow. I have enjoyed a growing Sisterhood this year and have many to call sisters, mothers and a few daughters and grandmothers too. Goddesses each and every one. But I have to say that one of the most amazing revelations this year for me has been the fabulous menfolk that have made their way into my life or upped the level of friendship. It has been the most healing experience for me to feel supported by these wise warriors on their own unique paths, my brothers, fathers and friends. I think it is indicative of how much forgiving and letting go of a life time of past experiences I've done these past few years that this has happened and my faith has been well and truly restored. I love these men so much. I love that these men support me on my path, honour the goddess, let me be the wild woman and do their part to welcome the return of the Divine Feminine. Thank you, thank you, thank you for my friends.

So 2011, it's been a blast, a rollercoaster, a ball. It's time to say goodbye now, I will look back fondly on our times, good and bad. Thank you for all that you have brought me, taught me and shown me, I am very grateful. Goodbye 2011, it was lovely to meet you.

The Dreadess xx

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Thought For The End Of This Year

I wrote this this morning ... it is terrible I know, but it did make me giggle

I woke up this morning
thinking that being in 3D
is so outdated
and so last century

In 2011
4D is right for today
Bring on 2012
and 5D is what I say

Live in Love,
Light and Illumination
Connect with every soul
in every single nation

The hows, the wheres, the why?
Just be in your heart
let the loving flow
It's the bestest ever place to start

The Dreadess xx