Friday, 13 January 2012

A Word Or Several On Empowerment

Hmmmm ... a scary word to some and exhilarating to others. It's a word I use often when talking about personal feminine energy and I took a moment, about 3am the other morning whilst staring at the full moon, to contemplate it.

The dictionary definition of empower is to give power or authority to or to enable and permit, but there is a little more to it than that. The prefix em means to make into, to put into, to get into.

So personal empowerment is to get into our own power and to put the power into ourselves. If culture or society doesn't empower you, doesn't give you authority or permission it's about enabling or authorising yourself. It's also about being part of that evolving culture or society that gives more permission and authority to those whose power has been taken away or negated. It means encouraging others into their own personal power. Personal power gives us permission to make wiser, freer choices and decisions based on our own confident judgement. It gives us a voice and an opinion.

Personal empowerment should not lead to an aggressive display of power. Think of the martial arts master who walks through life with an air of calm with a serene smile on his or her face. They don't need to prove constantly that they are the strongest or most agile, they just walk with a quiet knowing. They have the confidence deep within that comes from knowing they can handle most dangerous situations that come their way and are ready, peacefully prepared and alert at all times. Think Zen warrior when it comes to empowerment.

As for female empowerment it has two sides. One side is that power needs to be given back in places where it has been taken away and on the other side where power has already been fought for and granted women need to step up and take what is available, throwing off their personal shackles of stereotyping and upbringing. It will take more time and much more education for many cultures to fully give equal power legally, religiously and in the media to women. As for those of us who have relative freedom in western cultures, and I say relative because it's not there yet, we owe it to women worldwide to empower ourselves.

Again, this personal empowerment should not be offensive or come with anger and a defensive air. It should not turn us into the ultimate bitch. That type of behaviour still belongs to the victim. Think of a cornered wild animal which has no where to run. It will turn and become the most ferocious of beasts, fighting with claws and teeth to save itself. The angry, defensive, manipulative woman is that animal. She still believes her power has been taken so is fighting her corner, lashing out uncontrollably in all directions. The Zen warrior would not do this.

The empowered woman also does not do this. She walks with serenity and calm, she knows that inside that she has given herself the authority and the right. It just may take a while for everyone else to realise that, but in the meantime she's got better things to do and a life to live rather than getting involved in petty squabbles. She will just get on with her own way of doing things and those that buck against it will eventually fall by the wayside as the empowered woman walks on down the road. When she needs to defend herself she does so in a well thought out and articulate way. She does not feel the need to manipulate or put others down, that belongs to those who fear their personal power is held only held in loose grip. She surrounds herself with those who believe in her and in turn believes in and empowers others.

All this I thought about whilst looking at the moon, quiet and serene, full and radiant, surrounded by a double rainbow halo. The ultimate empowered woman.

The Dreadess xx


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