Tuesday, 17 January 2012

I Am Inspired Into The Being And The Doing

I've just spent two days in London with my son and whilst I love the peaceful, quiet inspiration I find in the forest I love the different kind of inspiration I find in the city. It is a feast for the eyes, ears and nose of all kinds of creativity. The range of architecture, the weird and wonderful clothes, the random voices and sounds, the variety of people and the many cultures all inspire me. I get into what it is to be human in it's desire to create, improve and change the world we live in. We visited the Tate Modern and I rediscovered artists I admire but had forgotten all about and found new ones to fall in love with. We wandered around just looking at the architecture and played a game where we rated the doors out of ten. Some were just so fancy and decorated with non functional embellishments it was fabulous. I listened to snatches of conversation on the escalators on the tube that converted to one long surreal stream of consciousness. We visited the Museum of London where I learned about the evolution of a city from before the city had even begun. The journey where humans had been compelled to make life easier, more comfortable and eventually more decorative for themselves, which just snowballed into a mass of buildings of all shapes and sizes and traded items of varying materials, functions and beauty from the marshlands of prehistory.

All in all it renewed in me the belief that we are creators, it is deep with in each cell that we make, build, paint and manifest. It brings us joy. We love to look and smell and feel and hear beauty, what ever that means to each of us. It is, in a sense, a huge part of our divine nature. I came back from my short trip alive with ideas for canvases and fabric fancies. I also came back with an awareness of two types of inspiration. The word inspire literally means to breathe in. Fill your mind, body and soul with it. I know that for me the balance is found in both. I need both.

I get close to one aspect of the divine in amongst the trees and the open plains. That is the being. The silence and the stillness. I breathe it in and become one with All. Just being.

In the midst of the hubub of humanity and it's wealth of creativity I get close to a different aspect. This is the doing. The happy busy-ness. I breathe it in and become part of All. Just doing.

The Dreadess xx

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  1. I understand those two types of inspiration too. Your senses must be filled with the whole experience, ready to create. Sounds like a really interesting visit E xx


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