Saturday, 31 March 2012

Hecate At The Crossroads

A few weeks ago, on the full moon, I circled the forest touching base with my favourite spots. On the way home the three sided tree in the graveyard beckoned. Each gnarled facet is as wide as my outstretched arms. The steps up to the door are made of roots, large and daunting. The door itself faintly etched, but visible.

I anchored myself to the here and now by the cords I cast. I wound myself in to the tree, round and round three times I went with the sacred utterings. I sat and I knocked. I asked for it to open to me.

The opening revealed a wooden spiral flight going down. I entered into the darkness and descended. A desolate landscape awaited me. A silent wind roared. A land of grey ash and the occasional twisted skeleton of a tree. Ragged forms floating in the fog of dust. An endless plain of darkness as far as my eyes could perceive. The realms below the graveyard above. I had stepped, not into the Otherworld, but the Underworld.

I stood on the road on which I had come, with another stretching to the left and off again to the right. The place where three roads meet. And then she loomed right up to me with a suddenness that took me a step back. Her cloak of blackness whipped by the wordless wind and her hag face emanating a pure white light. Hecate herself at the crossroads.

She riddled me "What spoke without speaking?" and my reply " A wheel" came from somewhere inside me, I don't know where. On the road in the distance to the right a tumbleweed like dust cloud rolled, closer and closer it came as a large wheel turning slowly, until it stopped in front of me as high as myself. Hecate grabbed my hand and into it pressed three coins. Not wanting to be beholden to her actually tried to give them back. But she closed my hand around them and held it tight with bony fist of luminescent alabaster telling me I would need them.

Then quick as a flash I was atop the wheel in an invisible carriage where unseen horses pulled. Faster and faster they galloped noiselessly down the road with the big wheel spinning until the whole thing took to the air. At an intense speed I flew to near vomitting through the planes and my own head to find myself sat at the base of the tree in the dusking light.

I anchored and unwound, firmly to this world I grounded. Three pieces of mistletoe I found for me, fallen from a tree to the grass below on the way out.

Having reflected on my Summoning by the Goddess of the Gateway I've concluded that it is a positive thing. She is the goddess of our own of our own underworld, our unconscious mind. She is there for those who use their pain and darkness for transformation. She gives wisdom and psychic ability to those who are prepared embrace the shadow self. Having been on an internal journey of letting go, seeing things in myself and a period of deep withdrawal I shouldn't be surprised that Hecate has appeared on my path. Hecate will help with the inner work in the conscious and unconscious, but it is to the Underworld we have to go to find her.

One of her symbols is a flaming torch and she sheds her light on things we don't want to look at. She changes us, birthing us new and whole. She comes as the empowerer of the High Priestess who has already found her truth. She is of the light and of the dark, the gateway between the two. She is the midwife that births us to life and births us to death.

So for the time being I walk with Hecate. The coins she gave me burning into my palm until I work out what good I am to use them for. I can feel her presence, sometimes very close. She has given me strength. She is protecting me within and without. She shines her light for me to see more intuitively into the darker places and the hidden realms. Bless you Hecate, Queen of the Night and Guardian of the Primal Void.

The Dreadess xx

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