Monday, 26 March 2012

Spring Has Definitely Sprung

I was truly blessed with a perfect weekend. It marked for me that move into the light, that we celebrate and so need, as the dark nights elongate slowly into long summer's evenings. This weekend was a wonderful taster of summertide promises to come.

It began with a Friday night invite to friends for food and drinks around their new and rather splendid cast iron fire pit complete with tripod and cook pot.

Then Saturday was defined by the Active Arts Spring Fire Gathering. These events mark the quarters of the year in a warm hearted swirl of fire sparks, drum beats, chinwag and chai under a canopy of trees and stars.

As usual I provided a seasonal activity to honour the new part of the year and the change within that it brings. This time I chose for us to make origami seed pots out of old newspapers into which a chosen rune was placed before planting a sunflower seed. We planted our runes and seeds with intent to bring new good things into our hearts, minds and lives.

The food was cooked with love by many hearts and hands in an open air kitchen. We feasted on soup, salads and cakes and supped chai and white wine punch steeped in raspberries, cranberries, grapes, lime, lemon and chamomile flowers. We drummed and we danced and we sang.

A real joy was listening to the melodic sounds of the hang from friends Lina and Barry, the Hanghang Duo, with Jules on tabla. What a treat.

Another highlight for me was when the men danced whilst we women drummed. A strong beat and the warriors stomped and danced and whooped. Obviously to be in balance we goddesses got our chance to dance to the men drumming. I have to say I struggled with not being able to dance as I would normally and only managed a short while before my foot and leg decided enough was enough. So I shook that shaker instead. It was lovely to see some of our youngsters dancing with a rare freedom to the drum beats and the firelight.

By the time we made it home, after unloading the drums and extra tea and giggles, it was about two in the morning and the clocks had leapt forward to three on British Summer Time. So Sunday we slept in late and pootled out lazily to the forest in the afternoon, to sit with ice creams looking up a the blue sky through the boughs of a huge old oak listening to woodpeckers and bird song. The animals were frisky too. The ponies were frolicking, the cows even stampeded through the trees and at one point a young stag ran across the open ground.

Spring has definitely sprung with all it's giddy excitement and vibrant energy. It is a time to get things planned and new ventures off the ground. May we all spring forward into lighter, longer days.

The Dreadess xx

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