Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Egg Day

I woke up this morning contemplating the egg. I'm not the only one. The egg is part of today for so many. Thousands of children will be peeling the shiny foil wrappers away from thousands of eggs as I write. Their eyes lit up with pleasure at the sight of the brightly coloured treasures and their mouths drooling at the smell of the chocolate beneath. We had eggs at Ostara, but we're sneaking few more little ones today as well, just cos we're like that ... and it's a good excuse for chocolate. What we're really waiting for is the sale at Hotel Chocolat in a few days time and then we'll get an uber luxury, all singing, all dancing egg.

Anyway enough about eggs of the chocolate variety, what I really woke up thinking about was the egg as a symbol. The perfect symbol embedded into human consciousness of new life. The oval of the egg also symbolises the void, the stillness and the nothingness, and yet in the seeming emptiness the potential for everything. In colour healing the shape of the egg, the oval, is used along with the colour indigo, the colour of deep space as the sky turns from day to night. A colour of endlessness and a sea of peaceful infinity. It is healing, reassuring and an analgesic. It is a symbol of the feminine, in that the womb is place of darkness and peace in which new life can germinate. A seed can burst to life held safe in the quiet, sea of womb waters.

I was truly reminded inside West Kennet Long Barrow of that quality of the Sacred Feminine. It felt like a loving space in which to sleep and dream. I felt held in the blackness and could have easily dissolved into it. The passive, yet powerful nature, of the feminine divine is one of serene stillness, of endless night into which ideas are born and given birth to, where dreams and goals are nurtured and developed, where the unknown and unformed are formed and realised.

The Cosmic Egg is present in many creation myths as the seed which gave birth to the cosmos. Within it's shell it contains the possibilities for all types existence and is sometimes laid on the primal waters and at others it arises from the abyss itself. The Cosmic Egg is the most abiding symbol for the eternal nature of life, of resurrection and as the space in which all forms, whether physical, mental or spiritual, are conceived.

So let's all celebrate the egg. Whatever your spiritual path it's a symbol worth contemplating. You were one once. It's a symbol of miracles and potential. No wonder we create chocolate ones and munch them in millions.

The Dreadess xx

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