Friday, 11 May 2012

Awesome Arthur

I always endeavour to walk and talk my truth. I always hope I speak my truth. I don't really want to be a hypocrite and hide the truth. So here's the rotten truth in all it's human glory. I haven't exactly been radiating love, light and glitter in the last few months. If I'm really honest, I've been feeling a bit sorry for my self, oozing grumpiness and frustration.

I'm so fed up with my foot injury, which is as yet undiagnosed. At least I now know the tendon isn't severed, but we are back to square one. I'm keeping everything crossed that the foot specialist will know. It would be nice if someone did! Being less mobile has brought up a surprising amount of old stuff. Being restricted physically has made me regurgitate many emotional and mental restrictions imposed upon me in early life and things are not sitting comfortably. The purging is painful.

Then along came Awesome Arthur and put me in my place. He gave me a much needed proverbial kick in the direction of my derrière. I felt completely humbled and I cried whilst watching his transformation. Bless you Arthur for your courage and determination. You're my hero.

Please take some time to watch Arthur's inspiring story. You will be moved as I was and probably shed a tear or three ... some out of the sheer overwhelming nature of his plight and some at the amazing strength of his spirit.

Perceived limitations are often the mental walls we put up well within the actual boundaries of our real limitations. These walls are meant to be climbed. Sure, they hold us back and slow us down, but getting to the other side is not impossible. We may just need a leg up from a friend or a home made hot air balloon. So I'm off to find a long ladder or even better, an RPG to turn my mental wall into a rockery, on which I can plant little alpine flowers as I stumble over it.

The Dreadess xx

Monday, 7 May 2012

Full Moon Womb Blessing

Yesterday I had a wonderful day in which I nurtured my soul and connected in with my sisters worldwide. I had previously registered to take part and receive the womb blessing attunement from Miranda Gray so I set about my day with full intention of making the most of that and the glorious full moon.

After rising I went for a woodland wander and although in a space not far from where I live I found peace and serenity in the mixture of muffled traffic noise, distant church bells and joyous bird song. I spent about quarter of an hour watching a pair of bank voles rummaging and scuttling. Then a curious robin joined me for a while.

I went home and enjoyed some time on the yoga mat with a focus on lunar energies. It was the first time I had done some yoga in ages, due to my injury and feeling rather down about it, so it was extra special even though it was a bit tough. Then I spent a little luxury time soaking in a rose petal and oil filled bath.

I prepared my temporary sacred space with the colour associated with the menstrual/moon cycle, honouring my current bleeding phase.

I place upon my altar a selenite moon, my two little, white goddesses, moon incense, a candle, my two stones with "Love" and "I am beautiful" and the two dishes required for the blessing.

At midday I sat naked apart from my goddess pendants and my shawls. I centred and breathed. In my golden cauldron the womb waters stirred in endless pentagrams and lemniscates to turn my body into an underground cavern in which my pelvic bowl sat like a crystal clear pool. Gradually the roots of my womb tree reached down into the dark earth beneath the pool. Down to the depths the roots kept growing until it could feel the roots of other trees growing too, winding around each other and holding hands in the darkness. My womb tree grew up through the still waters which remained undisturbed by its gentle rising. At my rosy heart the trunk split to become two branches. They burst upwards and proliferated into an array of branches adorned with silver leaves and ripe red fruits with skins that glistened like jewels. The roof of the cavern opened to a full moon and the branches reached up further to pull the moon down into its woody embrace. The moon poured its silvery light into my crown and my mind became peace. Down the silvery light came to fill my heart and my heart became love. Down the silvery light came to fill my womb and I became One.

I sat for what seemed an infinity with the blessing pouring through my body and soul until I directed the lunar energy through my heart to my hands and out to the world. In my heart I called a silent cry to the Shekinah to rise, for the Divine Feminine to gain strength and bring harmony to the world. I could feel the thousands of other women doing the same, sending the light, holding the intention. In that moment I felt truly blessed to be woman. To be in the presence of so much love, to be able to give and to receive was a powerfully moving experience.

Then I placed my hands to the earth and let the energy flow down to our Mother. This is for me when I felt the Moon the strongest. I felt my body disappear and just become a river of light rushing into the ground. The Earth so needs our love and healing.

As I returned to my awareness I sat in the cavern looking at the pool and the tree I had grown in its centre. The branches overhung the dry rock where I sat and a single fruit had fallen. I picked up the plum like ruby and bit into the juicy softness. The taste and the fragrance was indescribable and its effect instant and profound. Just as I have shifted in other moon meditations before, the white she-wolf within me emerged with her hairy paws and furry breasts to gaze up once more at our celestial sister in her fullness.

I brought my attention back to my body and gazed at my little alter. I silently gave my thanks to Miranda and all the other women who had made it possible for me to feel such peace and love. I sat for an age in serenity as I sipped my moon water. The feeling stayed with me a long, long time.

I recommend this blessing to every woman. To be united with our sisters worldwide in such a way will do wonders for raising the Divine Feminine, healing ourselves and in turn our world. Things like this give us strength to change who we are and to go out and make a difference. Things like this increase our capacity to give and receive love. I urge you to join hands and hearts at the next one on 2nd August 2012.

Today I feel clear, empowered and peaceful. I bet the more than 18,500 women from 80 countries worldwide, who joined with Miranda yesterday, feel pretty much the same. I can't wait for the next one. See you there on the inner planes.

The Dreadess xx