Friday, 11 May 2012

Awesome Arthur

I always endeavour to walk and talk my truth. I always hope I speak my truth. I don't really want to be a hypocrite and hide the truth. So here's the rotten truth in all it's human glory. I haven't exactly been radiating love, light and glitter in the last few months. If I'm really honest, I've been feeling a bit sorry for my self, oozing grumpiness and frustration.

I'm so fed up with my foot injury, which is as yet undiagnosed. At least I now know the tendon isn't severed, but we are back to square one. I'm keeping everything crossed that the foot specialist will know. It would be nice if someone did! Being less mobile has brought up a surprising amount of old stuff. Being restricted physically has made me regurgitate many emotional and mental restrictions imposed upon me in early life and things are not sitting comfortably. The purging is painful.

Then along came Awesome Arthur and put me in my place. He gave me a much needed proverbial kick in the direction of my derrière. I felt completely humbled and I cried whilst watching his transformation. Bless you Arthur for your courage and determination. You're my hero.

Please take some time to watch Arthur's inspiring story. You will be moved as I was and probably shed a tear or three ... some out of the sheer overwhelming nature of his plight and some at the amazing strength of his spirit.

Perceived limitations are often the mental walls we put up well within the actual boundaries of our real limitations. These walls are meant to be climbed. Sure, they hold us back and slow us down, but getting to the other side is not impossible. We may just need a leg up from a friend or a home made hot air balloon. So I'm off to find a long ladder or even better, an RPG to turn my mental wall into a rockery, on which I can plant little alpine flowers as I stumble over it.

The Dreadess xx

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