Monday, 30 July 2012

I Am A FreeSpirit

Today I'm off to camp. FreeSpirit Community Summer Camp. I look forward to this each year. Time in community with what seems like the best family in the world. Brothers and sisters bringing laughter and talents, sharing opinions and wisdoms, giving love and time. I treasure this so much. Some of these friends I only seem to see here, once a year. Each year I make new ones. Each year I hang out in the perfect setting with old ones.

We dance, we sing, we tell stories, we drum, we talk wise words, we talk rubbish, we laugh, then we laugh some more, we cook on the fire and eat together, we learn, we open up, we are.

It's on a farm where there are woods with a stream, a lake and a jetty, sheep and donkeys that join in with the meditation sessions, bison that wander silhouetted on the hilltop at sundown, a little shop/cafe with home-made elderflower cordial, long walks in nature and a play place for the littlies.

This year we have our theme ... EarthHeart. We chose what felt right for 2012. With hearts opening and connecting more and the Earth Star chakra opening this year it had to be. We are having a tipi as our Heart Space and the energy spot in the woods as the Earth Space. I'm responsible for organising and setting up these spaces ... I can't wait, what a joy.

I can't wait to get my tent up and eat that first ad hoc meal with friends. I can't wait to chat fireside until the night is still and the embers small. I can't wait to wake up that first morning, amble barefooted across the grass to get my morning cuppa and exchange a loving nod with some other rumpled bedhead. I can't wait to dance and whoop and spin in the shadows, driven by the pounding drums. I can't wait for those moments of bliss and stillness that come in a place of peace. I can't wait for the hugs and the smiles that will surely envelope me. I can't wait to free my spirit just a little more.

The Dreadess xx

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