Thursday, 16 August 2012

Moon Mother Me

I wasn't sure how exactly I was going to put this into words, so have waited a little and find I'm still not sure. Sometimes happenings are so profound that they defy written containment ... but I'll try ... and fail to convey the enormity of the experience that was my Moon Mother initiation, no doubt.

I met Miranda Gray back in 2009 and was wowed by her wisdom. So much she had to say resonated with what I was already feeling. She is Purity and Grace personified and her gentle ways wrap around an immense Goddess power and strength. Her book Red Moon changed my life and reclaiming The Enchantress made complete for me my work with the Maiden, Mother and Crone. Miranda and I have stayed in touch on and off. Her work with raising the Divine Feminine to our world has exploded globally and mine too has become a path set clear before me by the Goddess.

When the Moon Mother training became available I was "called" heart, mind, body and soul. I was so very sad that I couldn't be on the first weekend in London, but finally got my training and initiation in Bristol last weekend.

My sisters answered their calling too from not just the United Kingdom, but France, Italy, Holland, Canada and Mexico. It was a truly magical time we had together, full of deep healing and shifting, opening even more to the Sacred Feminine and giving our commitment and dedication to a path of service.

A Moon Mother is a healer, a priestess, a coach, a companion and a celebrant for women on their journey through life. We are active channels for the Womb Blessing energy conveying the energy of both Mother Earth and Moon Goddess.

A blessing is to make the mundane sacred. The Womb Blessing returns a woman back to herself, connecting her with the flow of her own cycles and that of the Moon and the Earth. It was apt to find out that in other countries and cultures the word womb conveys more than the physical uterus, but a sacred space inside that can never be lost or removed. We sadly seem to have lost that here in our land. Time to get it back methinks. The energy system of a woman is so different than that of a man and our spiritual paths so too. There is so much about ascension in many traditions, but the path of women is often to bring the light down and make manifest here on this plane. The Womb Blessing can help each of us to do this, to come home to ourselves and be light bearers for our families, communities and the whole world. It is time now for women to truly move forward in their creativity, sexuality and sensuality without fear or dread, to own the power that is already theirs and step up to our wonderful changing times.

The Womb Blessing and Womb Healing can be used to honour or celebrate menarche and menopause, birth and death, marriage and divorce. It can help support and reinstate the sacredness of femininity to those who have suffered the trauma of rape or abuse, help those in grief perhaps through miscarriage, baby loss or abortion, to reconnect those who experience hormonal problems or who have had a hysterectomy to the energetic womb or to support times of change such as moving house or new job when the balanced centre becomes a little wobbly. The soul of woman resides in the womb centre and for so many it needs to come home.

For me the huge amount of energy, and I mean like 'tapping into the mains' huge, received during my initiation means that I'm shifting things very deeply at the mo. It will take a whole cycle of around a month for the energies to be assimilated by my body, thoughts and emotions. I have experienced a lot of pain in my physical uterus and ovaries, but have also been in such a state of bliss that I keep having to lie down as I cannot stand up when the energy surges. It will settle and then I will be able to be of use to all women on my path of devotion to them.

I am Moon Mother just as many of my ancestral sisters, mothers and grandmothers have been in all cultures, all lands and all times. These have made their presences very visible and tangible to me this last year and so much so this last week. I know I'm not the only one to feel and see them. I am Moon Mother alongside many amazing and dear women worldwide today, some of whom I've had the privilege to meet and be with. I honour you all, shine on. I am me, a very happy me, Moon Mother Me.

The Dreadess xx

This bloggery is dedicated to the gorgeous Moon Mothers with whom I was honoured to share sacred space and time with in Bristol, August 2012

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