Tuesday, 11 December 2012

You Little Star ... A Meditation For 12.12.12

No doubt there will have been so many things in your personal life that seem to be building up to this day or struggles perhaps that seem to be at their zenith. Caterpillars have the same struggles to become butterflies. There is always chaos before new form.

Tomorrow will be a momentous day for all of us. A day of new light and awakening. The shamans of the Q'ero people of Peru have held many prophecies about 12.12.12. They tell us that it is a portal day for us to experience all layers of our beings and our inner stars. It will be a time to begin the ongoing process of growing that awareness of who we really are, where we came from and where we are personally going. By shining light through our biological and spiritual lineages, our inner stars can help us to remain upon our paths.

Don Mariano Quispe, elder paco of the Q'ero, encourages us to work with our energy bodies on 12.12.12 and to make contact with our inner stars. He invites us to receive and retrieve information from our inner stars with the intention of aligning more fully and expansively with our souls.

Here is a meditation for us all as given to me in guidance for us to connect to our light bodies share on this rather special day.

If you can find a place of quiet, in nature would be perfect, but even if you are in a place of business just take some time out for yourself and go for it anyway. The important thing is to connect to the essence of you in these days of planetary transformation.

Take some deep breaths to find stillness within. Find yourself centred and calm. All is as it should be. Bring awareness to your heart centre and feel the love that is there for you. Love flowing out and love flowing in.

Now extend your consciousness from your heart in both an upward and down ward direction to create a central channel from your root at the base of your spine to your crown on the top of your head. The central tube is filled with white and golden light.

Now see that each breath you take makes the tube glow more brightly. Like a pulsing. Gaining in intensity with each breath. Notice how the glowing area only fades back a small amount with each exhalation to gain more each time. Keep breathing and pulsing until you become aware that all the energy channels, the meridians and nadis, in your body are pulsing too. Allow the intensity to increase with each breath until your whole body is a ball of glowing, pulsing light. A bit like a beacon or light house.

Now extend the central tube down further now, in to the earth, connecting with your Earth Star chakra there. This will be about 30 - 45 centimetres below you, black or black and white in colour, with a deeply grounding and safe energy. Spend some moments and breaths connecting to the chakra that, like a seed, holds your potential for this time.

Now extend your central tube up from the crown of your head to your Soul Star chakra above your head about by about 15 centimetres. The colour of this chakra is magenta and white.

See clearly the tube now extended beyond the glowing ball that encased your body previously, to the Earth Star and the Soul Star. With each breath see this extended tube pulse and glow too, eventually glowing spherically beyond your body. See yourself simultaneously at the centre and as all.

Be very aware and present in this image. Focusing on the breath will help. See that you really are a glowing star. Remain centred, peacefully and joyfully with this for as long as you can.

When you wish to get on with your day, take your awareness with several grounding breaths to the Earth and your Earth Star chakra. Then come back up to your root at the base of the spine, still sensing the strong connection with Mother Earth who supports and loves you. Takes several breaths here also.

Then bring your consciousness once more to your heart chakra. Feel gratitude for how wonderful you are and how amazing it is to live in the times we do.

Have a bright and beautiful 12.12.12, you little star. Bring on 21.12.12 ... a day of activation and transformation.

The Dreadess xx

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