Friday, 8 March 2013

International Women's Day

This day, 8th March, has been set as International Women's Day since in the early 1900's. We have seen so many changes since that time and many advances made in gaining back some of the rights for women. Sadly though there is till so much to do. Today though all over Mother Earth many events will be taking place to "inspire women and celebrate achievements".

So especially today, I'm thinking of all the women of the world, my sisters, my mothers, my grandmothers and daughters, I will stand heart to heart, hand in hand and womb to womb with you, Happy International Women's Day. This is for you, written today ...

My Prayer For The Women Of The World

The wise women, the wild women,
The meek women, the mild women,
The brain the size of a planet women,
The heart the size of a cosmic ocean women,
The hurt women, the free women,
The I AM women, the I just wanna be women,
The jiggle hips women, and the barefoot women,
The high heels and cleavage to boot women,
The in the dark woods women, the suited city women,
The gloriously hairy women, the sleek silky women,
The svelte skinny women, the luscious curvaceous women,
The utterly rebellious, out there and audacious women,
The loud mouth shout their stuff women,
The quiet truly think their stuff women,
The A cup women, the A grades women,
The just trying to get properly paid women,
The walk for water women, the bought a bottle of water women,
The I think I really shouldn't have ought to women,
The under the sun women, the in the snow women,
The minimal apartment always on the go women,
The cluttered cottage women, the dancing women,
The I eat chocolate whilst prancing women,
The house full of kids women, the sad empty arms women,
The it'll be okay and totally calms women,
The battered women, the bruised women,
The trying to live my life abused women,
The I am Goddess women, the I love God women,
The I'm following in the path they trod women,
The every country, the all, the each and the every women,
The all those remembered and all those forgotten women

Please, just please, may we live the life we deservedly dream of, a life in which love and respect surrounds us.

Heidi x

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