Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Woohoo ... A Whole New Year

I woke up this morning overflowing with thankfulness. Yippeee a whole blank canvas of a year and gratitude was gonna be my first brush stroke. So I spent a few moments listing everything I was grateful for and really feeling the joy of it fill me up. I kept on listing and listing and in the end was grateful for everything .... even the pile of washing up, thank you I have plates. The laundry, thank you I have so many clothes. My car that needs an MOT and probably a whole load of work, thank you I get to chat to my kind mechanic man again. My back up, broken, half working mobile phone, whilst the other one gets sent back again ... what you mean I have two mobiles and I have this on top of running water and food in my cupboards, oh yes I'm that lucky.

Gratitude brings contentment, and I want to feel like that cat that has has permanently got the cream in 2014 ... so I intend to be grateful and there is so, so much to be thankful for. From that place of knowing there is always enough and more, it will be easy and joyful to reach further and further in helping others. And I figure that's a pretty good place to be for a whole new year. So no New Year's resolutions of going to the gym at 5am every morning after drinking a litre of sacred spring water and alfafa smoothie or doing daily yoga on a raw chocolate eco mat ... just a state of being grateful ... simple and wonderful and blessed.

And just think if you have jar like this you will look back on this year with so much gratitude and joy ... thank you to who ever came up with this and took the photie

Heidi x