Friday, 31 October 2014

The Being and Becoming of Living Authentically

So here I am at the beginning of not only a whole new posting, but a whole new blog, a whole new website and a relaunch of moi. My last post was way back on my old blog. Since then I let go of The Dreadess. She served me well for a time, years in fact, giving me room to breathe, to learn and to grow, but eventually she was no longer me, only the cocoon from which I emerged. Still the butterfly drying it's wings, I find myself here. I moved all the old blog posts over to here to keep some kind of continuity and to keep some of the loved gems.

So a good place to begin, in the middle of here and now, I guess, is my ponderances on this ... "being authentic" as I move forward. As I delve deeper in to not only my own true nature, but try and inspire other women to do likewise, I often wonder what that authenticity looks like. I know what it feels like for sure ... and it's not all glossy and picture perfect.

Being real ... means being true, loyal and honest to and with ourselves mostly. That truth may be "over joyous and bounce out of bed" one morning, but fragile and less confident the next. We are only carbon life forms, run on an ever changing soup of chemicals whose release is triggered by food, experiences and memories after all. One minute our green smoothie and cheeky text from a friend has us feeling like we can take on the world and later in the day after succumbing to the large plate of pasta and a large bill we feel sluggish and less vibrant perhaps. Some months life is peachy perfect and then wham ... tragedy strikes and it takes years to recover. That's reality ... and who we are ... how we react, that's real too.

Recently my dear friend and yoga teacher reminded me of the Being and the Becoming. We are both always ... and that's the truth of it. The Being seeking to become and the Becoming discovering its being. Who we wish to be is as real as the person we are right now.


They are both our truths. Authenticity looks like both. I like that. That's (be)li(e)vable. It gives room for total love and acceptance of who we are in the present, whilst allowing the vision we hold for ourselves to shape us and mold us without judgement of that present truth of self. We also do much better at the Becoming if we truly do the Being bit. Becoming takes us beyond our edges, but Being is the filling up to those edges.

The inhale of inspiration is the Becoming, but the exhale is the breathing out to our parameters of Being. Each new breath is enough to stretch the boundary and expand into new areas of self. The opposite is also true, the breath in also takes in its present surroundings of Being and releases out into the vast vision of Becoming. Quite a nice little breath practice there, playing around with those ideas.

This constant ebb and flow between these states, the both together, is the pulse of authenticity. I will meet you there. I offer you my reality and my vision. The beauty and wisdom ... and yes, all the other stuff.

Heidi x 

Art: Goddess of Transformation by Jennifer Lester