Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Surviving the Shadow

As the dying patriarchy thrashes around in its death throes, more and more of the festering wound is becoming visible.  The putrid pus of mysoginy, racism and greed is working it's way to the surface, centre stage in global politics.  The land of the free is not so free as protectors of sacred lands and waters are trapped and harmed; women remain firmly in their place, to be groped and without legal autonomy of their bodies; and the minorities fear for their safety and their homes as the dangerous racists in power get nicely dubbed as the "alt-right" in the press. The wounded masculine lashes and prowls, perpetuating its own misery as it clings to the dregs of the power imbalance.

The feminine shadow is also coming to light, as fear and need for survival plays a supporting role via internalised mysoginy, or the damage is so debilitating that many remain frozen unable to step up into power in their own lives, struggling to find voice and expression.  More and more frequently as I have journeyed into the collective ancient wounds and the duality of the shadow, I see the unholy side of the feminine.  A side that abused the mysteries of womb power and colluded with the darker, predatory side of the masculine.

We are currently living in a time when we can no longer look away from these realities, whether outside ourselves or within.  There is a deep grief looming and feelings of distrust, betrayal and anger rising.  For many personal traumas are being remembered and triggered.  For others a sense of loss, depression and confusion. So how to survive this revealing of the shadow and the dark mirror we are all looking into?

Firstly see the bigger picture.  What is hidden cannot be changed or dealt with.  Take heart in that what is revealed can be transformed.  This is a time of global awakening and many who have been in denial no longer are. More and more are being urged to action and called to speak up. We ourselves included, this is part of our own healing and metamorphosis.

Secondly nurture yourself.   Hold yourself, especially the wounded parts tenderly and gently.  Tend to your inner child and mother yourself.  Give yourself time away from that which does not serve you, or that which drains you. Have great compassion for all that you are, including your own feminine shadow side, walking that line between rightful anger which calls you to empowered action, and damaging rage which comes from disempowered fear.  Don't ignore the physical in the caring department either.  Make sure to sleep, eat and hydrate adequately.

Thirdly, pour love into the wounded masculine and connect with the sacred aspects of your own masculine side.  Focus on the love and strength there, appealing to that warrior wisdom. Allow the healing energy of this to penetrate you and hold you.  Let the presence of the masculine come into you life in safe and supportive ways.  Be aware of your own masculine holding and asserting boundaries to keep you safe.  Trust your masculine to do this for you.

Lastly, do the heart opening stuff.  The stuff that you know inspires you, grounds you, makes you laugh and feel lighter.  Keep to some spiritual practice, the ones that you know soften you and energise you.  Get out and connect to Mother Earth as often as you can, she has a deep wisdom and strength to give us at this time. Express and create often.  Be part of building your community, allow your light to shine out and others light to shine in.  Do not let up in holding the vision as we dream a better world into being.

Go steady and go gently.  We are all in this together.  The wounds and shadows you see on the world stage are all our own to be loved and transformed.  Stand up and call it out where you can.  Sit down when you need to rest.  We are more powerful than we choose to believe, so let's just do this thing, no matter how long it takes.

Heidi x