Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Red Tent At Into The Wild

It is always a privilege and a joy to hold space for women, and at festivals it is no different.  This year I took the Red Tent once again to the Into The Wild summer gathering. Festivals are a journey of wonder and the unknown.  A new site, lots of new faces, and a multitude of unplanned experiences. This time Cath, fellow Moon Mother and menstrual mentor, joined me as a Red Tent circle facilitator and workshop guide.  We had a wonderful time.
We were well situated in the Wellbeing Field.  With the sounds of gong radiating towards us from a nearby sound therapy space, happy voices wandering past and children playing in a random sandy area behind us, the inner sanctum was incredibly chill.

Along with the opening and closing circles we offered three workshops.  One about the wisdom gifts of the menstrual cycle, then Cath's introduction to the importance of celebrating menarche for our girls, and one about the Worldwide Womb Blessing.  Also as popular as ever was the daily Sister Siesta in the afternoon.
Women of all ages from babes, to girls, to teens, young women, mothers, peri-menopausal women, post-menopausal, and elders found their way to us.  We also met a couple of other women just starting to hold their Red Tents too.  So much to share and so much joy.

Several women came back to the Red Tent from last year's festival, some telling us they had been waiting for this all year.  Many women discovering Red Tent for the first time were overjoyed and said it was the highlight of their festival.  Those coming to workshops went away changed, empowered and inspired.  Even as we were packing away, and all that was left were the big bags full of cushions and decor on the grass as we rolled up the bell tent, women were still coming up to us and thanking us, one even giving us her hand-made raw cacao flower shaped chocolates.

I love this work in service with all my heart and it is in deep gratitude that I shared the holding of  this with a dear friend and sister.  May our Red Tent in the Southampton and the New Forest continue to grow and expand, and may we keep being able to offer it out at many festivals in the years to come.
So if you have a Red Tent near you, avail yourself of the wisdom and nourishment to be found there.  Support and attend those spaces so that they can continue to remain open for other women to find them, because they are crying out for them.  Support the women holding them for they are truly giving something wonderful and life changing; creating community; and offering a space to be heard, to be healed and to grow.

Heidi x

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