Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Solar Eclipse Magick ... And Sogginess

I planned a beautiful ritual down by the sea.  Imagine the gentle waves lapping while the sun sets. Yeah it went something like that. You may want to read this as a cautionary tale, as in "don't do as I did", but I'd prefer it if you saw it as a "look this is how you carry on holding space midway through your panic and run for it moment"

The tide was incoming which I had accounted for and was part of what I had planned.  But tides come in fast don't they?  They kind of sneak up when you're not looking.

So out onto the little spit I went, perfectly timed for the eclipse I wouldn't be actually able to see. There was just enough dry land to last the duration I thought, although I was aware of cutting it fine.  It felt so otherworldly out there.  A liminal space in threshold time.  A stillness to the sea and a fineness to the air.

I hurriedly created a small fire at the shore line and lit it.  The moon eclipsing the sun as the incoming tide claims the flames.  I added sacred incense to the fire and took  a few drops of the White Wand and Holy Water Sacred Flame of the Brighid Path Essences.

"In this sacred space upon the shore may the fires at the water's edge hold the energy of the wounded raging masculine, the burning pain of women and the agony of a betrayed Earth.

I ask this fire to purify me and take from me all that no longer serves in my thinking, in my heart and in my physical body.

In this sacred space upon the shore may the waves that lap the land hold the energy of the wise intuitive feminine, the gentle warrior masculine and the healing power of the Seas.

I ask these waters to bathe me and bless me with soft power, an open heart and wise ways."

It was as this point in the proceedings I looked back to the main shore and realised that the sea, although gently licking the edge of my fire where I was, and not moving in hardly at all, had somehow completely cut me off across the narrow part of the spit. I was on my very own small island along with a few seagulls. If someone was watching, which judging, by the amount of camper vans further up the beach they probably were, they would have seen a mad women "keeping calm and not panicking honest" as she unceremoniously threw more wood on the fire, lobbed a bit more incense into the flames, grabbed her basket, her tea mug, her large lantern, her blanket and clutched her shawl and scarf about her as she legged it back down the spit, gritted her teeth and ran in a hoppity skip fashion through several meters of water to dry land.

Soaked to mid thigh I tell you.

Any onlookers, who were probably at that point uploading to YouTube the hippy hilarity of it all, would have then seen me nonchalantly look around and carry on as though all was meant to be.

And the fire just a speck in the distance was still burning, a little glowing dot on the left hand side looking out to the Solent.

"The ocean is full, the moon is dark and their powers are eclipsing the sun. We look to the glorious sea, the home of splendid creatures, the dolphin and seal and call them in to the tide.  Bless us Manannan, and may your waves kiss the earth beneath my feet.   Bless us Ancasta, and know we honour you and the rivers you flow in.  We call upon the Mer to rise and bless the land with sea spray."

I had a little inward chuckle about the earth beneath my feet being swamped with watery love, never mind just being kissed.

"May you guide us to the waveless sea.  May you steer our ships upon the crests of white.  May the waters of grace fill our lives.   May the Moon’s wisdom temper the Sun’s strength.  Out with the old ways and in with the new."  

Here I added my own intentions for personal growth, courage and abundance, and gazed out at the beauty that is the waterway.  I watched as the fire glow disappeared and the water swelled.  It was quite powerful and beautiful. Deep shifting in the twilight and great movement in the unseen energies of within and without.

"May it be so as the Moon in the sky is darkening the Sun"

When the time of the eclipse had passed I lit the Brighid Flame to symbolise the new light of the sun.

"May the fire be a new.  May Brighid’s fire burn bright.  May She of the Holy Waters and Sacred Flame show us the way." 

Then I sat and watched some more as the sky became chiffoned in soft hues and the river suddenly busy.  I sipped my mistletoe tea to bring in the light and took Brighid's Mantle essence.  I was blessed. I was very soggy.

I hope you too were able to make the most of the special eclipse time and the powerful energies of renewal and clearing that were available to us.  May the sacred feminine continue to rise, mer like out of the moon infused waves, softening and nurturing the masculine to a more heart led way of being.

Yes that is a wand pretending to be a hair stick (my son despairs).  And yes that dry patch in the middle of the salty brine is where the the fire was.  Yeah that, don't do that.

Two friends who also did the same ritual timed alongside me, one on the Itchen River and one for the Test River, had powerful experiences too.  We won't mention the fact that Jani did the sacred sinking into the mudflats.

Yeah that, don't do that either.

Heidi x

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