Monday, 8 January 2018

Plough Monday

Today is Plough Monday. Traditionally the return to work, the start of the agricultural year, is the first Monday after the Twelfth Day.

Not only did the plough return to the field this day, but sometimes ploughboys took a bedecked plough from house to house, hauling it through the streets. It was a time of celebration, and sometimes the giving of monies, food or drink to those, like the ploughboys whose work was limited at certain times of the year. Some areas had their own extra customs such a sword dances, mummer type plays or other dances.

A day to set intentions for the year. A day to call in blessings upon your endeavours. A day to set mind, body and heart to task. I will be calling in my word for the year later today. Past ones such as ROAR and EMBODY have served me well.

Perhaps you too could create a vision board for the year and emblazon across it your word for the year

So as I return to work, I set out my stall. Working for myself is not easy. I have carved out an unusual niche out in this world. There are huge dry spells and bills are at times hard to cover, but I celebrate the life I lead and live. I am setting the intention though, to shine this year, and I call in the abundance I deserve.

I serve I deserve

The work I do with passion and heart builds communities and changes lives. We live currently in a paradigm where those who heal, teach, serve, inspire and save are not honoured or paid their worth. I look at the failure of governments to pay our teachers, doctors, nurses, police and firefighters to name a few what they truly are worth. I see local shops and family businesses failing because of the all consuming power of multinationals and big corporations.  I see creatives desperate to pay their way in the world doing what they love.  I pray this changes, that the world wakes up and sees the foundations of our societies, those who look after mind, body and soul, as having intrinsic value.  I hope that more and more people see the value of honest hard work, the passion of men and women, shining brightly against the backdrop of the money machine that supersizes, yet cheapens, it all.  See us with our ploughs in the fields.

With that in mind, I realise I am going to have shout loudly this year to keep going.  I am going to have to be more truthful about my value and worth to the wider world.  I have to remove any remaining bushels hiding my proverbial light.  So please check out my aforementioned stall that is set out via my website. Currently I have two juicy courses on offer - "Keepers of the Flame" and "Wise Women and the Spiral of Stone". There are many opportunities to connect with me either one to one, at a workshop or in a Red Tent.  I look forward greatly to these being part of my sowing the seeds of creativity, hope and truth in many hearts and minds this year. I look forward to seeing the blossom and fruits of these offerings. I am inspired to keep ploughing, seeding, and nurturing my craft this year, and to reaping the rewards.

May all our hard work be blessed and rewarded in 2018.  To the plough, my friends.  Let us celebrate all that we do.

Heidi x