Friday, 3 January 2020

Blessed New Year ... A New Way Of Giving And A New Way Of Receiving

By the end of 2019 I felt journey weary, but boy did I create some space during the course of the year. I said no to a few projects and commitments that were taking energy or brain power I could not spare any more, and I had felt my way into a clearer unfolding path forward.

With less than a week to go before the arrival of a brand new decade, I suddenly found myself determined to do something I had been contemplating for over a year and a half. I set up my Patreon page. That was some process in itself. Not the tech side. Me. The wobbles. The self doubt. The asking. The needing to step forward. Knowing that what I'm here to do isn't always obviously marketable, but still very important. And the questions. Am I worth it? Can deliver? Do I deserve?

And the answer is yes. It's in my bullet journal somewhere back in 2017 or 2018. It's on a vision board not so long ago.
"I serve. I deserve."

I began using the phrase to heal some stuff around money and valuing my energy and time. It wasn't something that came from a place of ego or self importance.  It was something that triggered me deeply when I first heard it, and when I first wrote it, it was really hard.

I'm still a work in progress in that area, but believe in my bones the truth of it. What also is true though, is that the offerings I feel to serve with and wish to share aren't always so easy for me to have a platform for.  Patreon seemed to present an answer a while back, but I was sill working with those four word above. It's my joy to serve and I'm guided to share, but to ask so I can do it more and more and more ... damn that was at times a hard concept. I wasn't ready. Besides which I had a breakdown thing to have, an autistic burnout to get out of the way, and a few more realisations and healings to go through ...

But now I'm seriously excited. I have 2020 vision and the timing is perfectly imperfect. This is going to be a joy-filled two way thing. I have so many ideas, and now it feels outside the box, unhampered and flowing.  And it's with these words I set out my stall as it were . 

I'm calling in the FREEDOM to create a-plenty.

Truth, Love and Beauty have been the ideals I have pursued my whole life and I now wish to offer out much, the questing, the thoughts, and the makings, of and from those shimmering strands. I'm known for gathering women via the Red Tent I founded, my shamanic practice and healing work, my larger ceremonies and priestessing, and the spiritual workshops and courses I hold, but my first ever loves were writing, art, music and performance. Before I headed down the much needed path of "know thyself" and "heal myself", a much younger me thought that I would somehow end up in a life of art, design and wordsmithing. Those things have always been present in the background, but are becoming more so again, feeding into my spiritual practice, visioning and yearnings. My ideas are rich and juicy, but my outlets have begun to feel limited.

Patreon is my new outlet. A space where I can offer you more of me, and more of what I do and create. The peeks behind the scenes; special vlogs and blogs; my wonder wanders; rituals; meditations; healings; mini workshops; sacred activism; being autistic; and my essences, art and other creations. I want to give you the authentic processes I go through to stay grounded, whole and inspired myself; a chance for you to follow me into my land and water workings; an insight into my magick; and short inspirations and healing rituals for those who can't come and join me in person for one to one sessions or workshops. I want to connect with a wider community of women, men and nonbinary folks in my work with the divine feminine and sacred masculine, with the lunar and the solar, and with the primal forces of Water and Fire. I also wish to share with you all, snippets of future projects as they unfold and the opportunity for you to be an active part of some of them. There are writings to become books. There are spiritual practices that come with new channellings. There are earth and planet Workings that are years in the making. There is the Brighid Path. There is Sovereignty Soul Craft. 

Come and join me. As a patron you will be supporting healing work and ongoing community projects. You will be helping me have the funds to work deeper and more regularly in the landscape, and to bring some of my bigger healing ritual and earthworking ideas to fruition. You will be helping me get the Brighid Path Essences out into the world, and giving me time and space to write up all the notes that have been piling up for years, and most important you will be giving me support to be me and do my thing in this world.

And my promise to you. You shall receive, because I will give. There will be insights from spirit and readings and rituals and blessings and meditations and projects and my support of you. I promise to share some of my personal processes, you know, the things I struggle with and the things that truly help. And I will share some of the shizzles and giggles too. I'll be keeping it real.

You know you want to. There is a New Year Ritual, and a little eBook, already waiting for you. In the next few days there will be a Brighid Path Reading for all patrons, a little insight and guidance for the whole coming year.

Come co-create with me. Let's have a blessed New Year. 

Heidi x